Trump sues California over tax return law

Cheryl Sanders
August 7, 2019

"It comes as no surprise that President Trump would freak out at the prospect of presidential transparency and accountability, but he will need to get used to it", McGuire said, adding, "Welcome to the rule of law, Mr. President".

Mike McGuire, the North Coast's scrappy state Senate rep, must have known he was courting legal challenges when he introduced the Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act, which requires candidates for US president and California governor to release their tax returns to be included on the state's election ballot.

Yesterday Judicial Watch announced it's filing a lawsuit challenging the law on behalf of four California voters.

Filed in federal court in the Eastern District of California, Trump is using personal attorneys to sue the state's attorney general and secretary of state in a bid to prevent them from implementing the new law.

U.S. President Donald Trump sued California on Tuesday over a new law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns to run in the state's primary elections.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims, the Ethics in Government Act already imposes requirements for candidates to release financial information, and that this law "supersedes all other similar federal or state disclosure laws".

The bill passed both houses of California's Democrat-controlled legislature and was signed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom last week. "The courts can't stop this abusive law fast enough".

"It certainly doesn't bode well for Democrats heading into 2020 that their best bet for beating President Trump is to deny millions of Californians the ability to vote for him", she said. It argues that the law would "directly impede" Trump's chances of gaining the Republican nomination.

Under this law, two copies of the five most recent returns will need to be filed with the California Secretary of State's Office at least 98 days before an election.

"The effort to deny California voters the opportunity to cast a ballot for President Trump in 2020 will clearly fail", said Sekulow.

Trump refused to release his tax returns during the 2016 campaign, bucking a practice followed by every presidential nominee for decades.

The governor's statement overlooks that President Gerald Ford refused to release his tax returns in 1976, though every other president has, until Trump. Pres. Donald J. Trump (R) has resisted calls to release his tax returns. With the state's presidential primary election less than seven months away, UC Irvine election law Professor Richard L. Hasen tells the paper that the best that plaintiffs could hope forthis election cycle is a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the law from taking effect this year. The legal challenges claim that states do not have the power to place any conditions on who can run for president, because the Constitution already sets such qualifications.

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