Trump says he's the 'chosen one' to confront China over trade

Cheryl Sanders
August 22, 2019

However, Trump's constant threat of imposing retaliatory tariffs on European cars and other products for not providing reciprocal market access to American farm products has stymied the progress in the trilateral initiatives, said a Geneva-based trade diplomat, who asked not to be identified.

"This is something that had to be done". Beijing says punitive tariffs imposed by Trump on Chinese products must be lifted as soon as an agreement takes effect.

"Whether it's good or bad short term is irrelevant", he said. "Long term it's imperative that somebody does this".

But he defended his actions and said he believed a trade deal between the world's largest economies was still possible. So I am doing this whether it's good or bad - for your statement about 'oh, will we fall into a recession for two months?

Democrats on Sunday argued Mr Trump's trade policies were posing an acute, short-term risk. Some American officials worry they might erode US industrial leadership.

"We're very far from a recession", Trump said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CNBC that U.S. and Chinese officials were expected to speak by telephone about the trade disputes over the next week to 10 days, followed by a possible in-person meeting.

Separately, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday said it was natural for the USA and China to have differences on trade, but the key was to resolve issues through dialogue.

China's Foreign Ministry appeared to downplay the comments, emphasizing the need for dialogue to resolve differences on trade issues but threatened to retaliate if Washington proceeded with an $8 billion arms sale to Taiwan.

"The fact is, somebody had to take China on". It remains the main arms supplier to Taiwan.

US President Donald Trump, pictured in Kentucky on Wednesday, said his predecessors had allowed the United States to be taken advantage of on trade and intellectual property.

Against this backdrop, it remains to be seen how the European Union leaders will respond to the overtures of the United States at the G7 meeting, as many of them have strong commercial and investment presence in China, the diplomat said.

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