Trump plans Friday meeting to arrange for withdrawal from Afghanistan

Cheryl Sanders
August 17, 2019

The proposed Afghan peace deal presented Friday to President Trump by the administration's top peace negotiator would accomplish the president's major goal of beginning to withdraw thousands of USA forces from the country, after almost 18 years of fighting and just over 2,400 US personnel killed. The unusual request had sent Twitter into a frenzy, while real estate agents struggled to find the right valuation for the island.

Trump and Pompeo were joined for the talks by Vice President Mike Pence, national security adviser John Bolton, Defense Secretary Mike Esper, Joint Chiefs chairman General Joseph Dunford and CIA Director Gina Haspel. He repeatedly brought up the issue and wanted to know the advantages and benefits of such a move. Another prominent opposition member said the report indicates that Trump is "insane", while a member of the government bloc called it a "terrible idea".

According to the Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook, Greenland is 2.2 million square kilometers, with 1.7 million of that covered in ice. "I think you should talk to Denmark". Trump asked the room, the person told the paper. "Do you think it would work?" Speculations are rife that the artic territory might be on the agenda when President visits Denmark next month.

Trump's suggestion "must be an April Fool's Day joke", albeit out of season, tweeted Lars Lokke Rasmussen, who was prime minister until June and now heads the opposition in Denmark.

"In continued close cooperation with the government of Afghanistan, we remain committed to achieving a comprehensive peace agreement", Pompeo said in a statement.

While Foreign Affairs Spokesman for the Danish People's Party, Soren Experson told broadcaster DR that "if he is truly contemplating this, then this is the final proof, that he has gone mad".

The military significance of the island to the US traces back half a century to the 1951 Defense of Greenland Agreement between the USA and Denmark, which states that "armed forces of the parties to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization may make use of facilities in Greenland in defense of Greenland and the rest of the North Atlantic Treaty area".

This isn't the first time the president has expressed interest in foreign properties - he has said North Korea's "great beaches" would make ideal locations for condos.

As detailed by the Journal, the treaty gives the USA military "virtually unlimited rights in Greenland at America's northernmost base, Thule Air Base".

It would not be the first time an American leader tried to buy the world's largest island, an autonomous territory of Denmark. Secretary of State William Seward too had shown interest in purchasing the island way back in 1987.

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