Trump May Face Challenger on the Right

Cheryl Sanders
August 23, 2019

According to The New York Times, Joe Walsh - a former Republican congressman from IL who now hosts a syndicated radio show - is set to announce that he is mounting a primary challenge to the president. "I try to get people focused on that, not the personality".

Walsh would be the first challenger from the right to run against President Trump, with hope he will weaken the president in the 2020 election. "I've told you before - if somebody's going to get in there and go after him ... it's got to be done soon", Walsh, 57, said Thursday on CNN.

Since the Helsinki meeting, Walsh has ramped up his public rebukes of the president, and penned an op-ed for The New York Times last week wherein he argued that "Trump needs a primary challenge".

Trump has turned off higher-income, college-educated and younger women "because of how he speaks, how he tweets", said Republican pollster Frank Luntz, while retaining the support of older women and women with lower incomes and without college degrees.

For example, in 1992 Pat Buchanan's primary challenge against sitting President George H.W. Bush led to the 41st president losing the White House to then-governor Bill Clinton.

"I'm at 94 percent now in the Republican Party - the highest in history, the highest of any Republican", the president told reporters. "If you want to get in, you've got to get in within the next week or so".

President Donald Trump's campaign is rallying and training a corps of female defenders, mindful that Trump's shaky standing with women could sink his hopes of reelection next year. "And if I did it, John, that's what I'd do", he said, adding that the "silence" by other Republicans is "what's so disappointing".

Currently, only former MA governor Bill Weld has officially declared he is running for the Republican nomination for president.

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