Trump Gets Shut Down By Greenland After Reportedly Wanting To Buy Country

Cheryl Sanders
August 19, 2019

Online, locals mocked the idea of Trump's interest in buying their homeland.

Surprise and confusion greeted a Wall Street Journal report last Thursday that Trump has been raising the subject of buying Greenland in recent weeks. Though past year trump said openly to his neighbors about the financial difficulties that Denmark suffers from the fact that it includes Greenland.

CNN has contacted the White House and the State Department for comment.

"#Greenland is rich in valuable resources such as minerals, the purest water and ice, fish stocks, seafood, renewable energy and is a new frontier for adventure tourism". Also, a Republican congressional helper said Trump raised the thought of buying Greenland in discussions with American lawmakers enough occasions to make them wonder, yet they have not paid attention to his remarks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the United States president has asked his aides and the White House counsel to look into the possibility of buying the world's largest island, a largely autonomous country of the kingdom of Denmark.

Rasmus Jarlov, a conservative member of the Danish Parliament, tweeted "Out of all things that are not going to happen this is the most unlikely. Totally out of season", former Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen on Twitter. "The United States has a compelling strategic interest in Greenland, and this should absolutely be on the table".

She is set to visit Greenland this weekend and has said she is "very much looking forward" to it.

Trump is expected to visit Denmark in September as part of a trip to Europe.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Thursday cited unnamed advisors as saying the USA leader asked his staff to "look into the idea" of purchasing the world's largest island.

Greenland's ministry of foreign affairs insisted the island was ready to talk business, but was not for sale.

However, law professor Joseph Blocher wrote in 2012 that the "market for sovereign territory seems to have dried up". Home to some 55,000 people, it's recognised as an autonomous, self-governing territory of Denmark.

Speaking of the reported interest, a spokesperson of the U.S. Embassy in Denmark said that there were just alleged comments and the embassy, therefore, had "no comment". Denmark sold the then Danish West Indies - now the US Virgin Islands - to the US in 1917 for $25m with the overwhelming support of their inhabitants, and the US also pondered buying Greenland in 1946 for $100m.

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