Trump Demands DHS Speed Up Construction of Southern Border Wall

Cheryl Sanders
August 30, 2019

President Donald Trump, in his push to make good on his promise to supporters by Election Day, has told officials he will pardon them should they break any laws in attempting to finish construction on the wall at the US-Mexico border, The Washington Post reported, citing current and former officials involved with the project.

Trump denied the report on Twitter today and blasted the Washington Post for "FAKE NEWS". All the criticisms directed at Trump, he said, are "just more fabrications by people who hate the fact the status quo, that has crippled this country for decades, is finally changing as President Trump is moving quicker than anyone in history to build the wall, secure the border and enact the very immigration policies the American people voted for". But given Trump's lack of interest in the Constitution and liberty, we would not be surprised if Trump actually said it, either. Another sources said that Trump was only joking when he talked about handing out pardons.

"Just had a big victory in Federal Court over the Democrats in the House on the desperately needed Border Wall". If this report is true, Trump has blatantly undermined the rule of law for political gain.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have come to the USA over the past year, mostly Central American families with children who turn themselves in to agents instead of trying to dodge them.

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President Trump reportedly made another unlawful request while in Calexico.

The U.S. military has been forbidden to take part in domestic law enforcement since the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. But then, President Trump tweeted that they are still considering this approach. "The problem of large-scale unlawful migration through the southern border is long-standing, and despite the executive branch's exercise of existing statutory authorities, the situation has worsened in certain respects in recent years", President Trump declared in February.

Trump said at the time that he did not personally know Libby, but the pardon came as several former Trump associates had pleaded guilty to similar charges amid Mueller's Russian Federation probe. That new policy was to tell them the United States is "full."

As with Libby, Trump concluded that D'Souza had been mistreated and said at the time that he was also considering clemency for former IL governor Rod Blagojevich (D) and lifestyle guru Martha Stewart. The billionaire past year penned a flattering biography of the president, "Donald J. Trump: A president like no other", that defended him against accusations of racism and praised him for the "optimism to persevere and succeed, the confidence to affront tradition and convention, a genius for spectacle, and a firm belief in common sense and the common man".

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