The release date of Destiny 2 on Steam is confirmed

Yolanda Curtis
August 11, 2019

The things that you acquire for your characters in the game are what move with you from one platform to another. Once accepted, their current Destiny 2 profile info will be transfered over to Steam starting October 1.

You can find the details on how you can transfer your copy of Destiny 2 from to steam below along with the information pertaining to cross save.

In its latest weekly blog post, Bungie finally put an actual date on when cross save will become available: August 21.

However, to access content from Forsaken and Shadowkeep onwards, the expansions must have been purchased on the platform players want to move to. When it is enabled, players will have to choose which account to keep, with only one set of characters being available across all platforms. However, you will only be able to use any Silver you may have on the format you originally purchased it on, and also if you've bought any expansions they too won't be able to be transferred. So if you have friends on both Xbox and PlayStation, you can just hop from one console to another and pick up where you left off. It is very likely that this is simply the possibility of connecting your Steam account to the account, so as to simplify the passage close to the exit.

That doesn't mean your other characters are gone forever, though. Bungie says in the FAQ you can disable cross save, which will give you access to the characters you had on their original individual platforms. "This policy exists to discourage activity like account recoveries by other players", Bungie writes.

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