'The Hunt' Featuring Sturgill Simpson Won't Be Released After All

Carla Harmon
August 11, 2019

Universal Pictures canceled the release of its upcoming thriller "The Hunt", which was slated to be released on September 27, after backlash over the film, which depicts privileged vacationers hunting "deplorables' for sport".

"The Hunt" - which originally was titled "Red State vs".

Universal Pictures has pulled advertisements for film billed a gory satire about well-heeled vacationers slaughtering "deplorables" for sport after recent mass shootings that killed 31 people and injured 53 others. It seems that will be the end of the TV spots for The Hunt, at least for the time being, while Universal evaluates the marketing materials and decides how to proceed.

The release of a film criticised by conservatives as portraying a group of liberals hunting supporters of Donald Trump has been indefinitely postponed, Universal Pictures said Saturday.

A high-level executive reportedly said the project is considered a satire "addressing an issue of great social importance".

In response, a Universal executive was also quoted explaining that the film "is meant to show what a stupid, insane world we live in", and even added, "It might even be more powerful now".

"Employees in different departments were questioning the wisdom of making such a movie in these times", added a filmmaker with ties to Universal.

Marketing for the movie is under review, a Universal Pictures spokesperson told Fox News on Wednesday.

The film came from Blumhouse Productions, which has produced a number of popular horror films such as "The Purge" and "Get Out".

One Universal source told THR some ads have been pulled "for content and placement". "They don't know they've been chosen-for a very specific purpose-The Hunt". Its plot has people who have been kidnapped from traditionally Republican regions waking up in a field surrounded by "elite" hunters, who proceed to gun them down. "She turns the tables on the killers, picking them off, one by one, as she makes her way toward the mysterious woman at the center of it all".

The film starred Betty Gilpin, Emma Roberts - who could be seen toting assault rifles and pistols - and Hilary Swank.

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