Tech Thursday: WhatsApp launches fingerprint lock feature for Android users

Yolanda Curtis
August 20, 2019

After WhatsApp, Instagram will reportedly be Facebook's next target and you can expect it to be called "Instagram from Facebook" soon. Incidentally, the photo sharing app Instagram too has "Instagram from Facebook" tag at the bottom of the Settings page.

Now, users living in the European Union (EU) needs to be at least 16 years old to join WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp's latest beta version gets the name "WhatsApp from Facebook" name. At the time Facebook announced this move, a company spokesman told Reuters, "We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook". The same was spotted in app version

Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014. The user convenience and effortless user experience will see some major boosts with the upcoming features on WhatsApp which also feeds our thought on what all advances are lurking in the corner for attention from both consumer and the company side. WhatsApp has also launched a new feature titled "Frequently Forwarded" which enables fingerprint unlocking and smart spam messages on fingerprints on smart phones with fingerprint sensor. This feature has been made available in India as well. Once updated, you can enable the feature by heading to WhatsApp Settings Account Privacy: Fingerprint lock. Using this feature, Android users will be able to add a layer of biometric authentication in order to access their WhatsApp chats.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for Android beta users called "Fingerprint Lock". You can automatically lock your WhatsApp using three options - immediately; after 1 minute; and after 30 minutes.

Do note that this feature is only available for Android Beta users, and not general users on the Android platform right now.

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