Sony Just Purchased Insomniac Games

Yolanda Curtis
August 20, 2019

The studio has developed games such as the Ratchet & Clank franchise as well as the Resistance games. "Our studio vision is to create experiences that have a positive and lasting impact on people's lives", Insomniac CEO Ted Price wrote in a blog post Monday. "Please join us in congratulating our friends and partners at Insomniac!" the tweet read. Building on a working relationship between Insomniac Games and SIE spanning more than 20 years, this acquisition enhances the creative force within SIE WWS and formally adds a studio to the PlayStation family that continues to raise the bar on open world, story-driven games. Well someone at Sony did, because Sony Interactive Entertainment is in the process of buying Insomniac Games. On the Marvel's Spider-Man front, well we can safely assume that any potential sequel will also be a PlayStation exclusive. ("Insomniac Games"), a leading game developer and long-time partner of SIE, in its entirety.

Spider-Man, a PS4 exclusive, was the studio's most successful game, selling 13.2 million copies according to a Sony press release today.

In an interview regarding Sony's PlayStation exclusive strategy moving forward, Sony's Shawn Layden committed to exclusive titles, but also hinted that some Sony studios may seek audiences beyond the shores of their own console. It sounds like the strategy here may not be fully ironed out, but with crossplay becoming a more and more popular feature in modern games and Microsoft cozying up to Nintendo (and PC), it wouldn't be surprising to see Sony adopt a similar tack. Insomniac Games is the 14th studio to join the SIE WWS family. Well, Insomniac has experience in developing VR titles like Stormlands for Oculus, so it'll make sense for the studio to work on some exclusive VR games for PSVR though I doubt we'd see anything major for a couple of years.

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