Samsung's Clamshell Answer To Foldable Moto RAZR 2019 Leaks

Yolanda Curtis
August 22, 2019

There have been some telling patents, and executives have made cryptic statements that stop just short of admitting the folding Razr exists. Well, let's wait and see this device will be competing against other foldable devices in the market and comment in the section below to share your views on the same.

Motorola Razr foldable phone could launch in December, claims a report. However instead of the keypad and small screen on different folds as was in the old model, the latest model shall only have a touch-screen on the inside. In addition to that, it also says that a smaller "notification screen" will be available on the outside.

Apparently, Dutch blog LetsGoDigital has it on good (though anonymous) authority that the new Razr will be out as soon as December or January in Europe, shortly following a US release. The price in Euros usually translates to the same number but in dollars on this side of the pond, thanks to the 20% or so import taxes on electronics in the European Union, so the rumored $1500 tag on Verizon might hold water, after all.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold price has been set at $1,980 (approximately Rs 141,200).

If that timeline is true, it means we could see the Razr launch perhaps as soon as October. It would come with 4 or 6GB of RAM and either 64 or 128GB of storage. The screen inside should be a 6.2-inch panel with an 876 x 2142 resolution while the one on the outside will have a 600 x 800. The phone will have a meagre 2,730mAh battery. It would just make the phone smaller when it's in your pocket.

Samsung's foldable smartphone may seem similar to the upcoming Motorola Razr, but its mechanism differs. Originally, the Mate X was scheduled to be released sometime in June. If the report is accurate, it would still allow Motorola and its RAZR one or two quarters to win the hearts of those who prefer the clamshell form factor, but with 2019/2020 technology.

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