Rwanda closes and reopens border with DR Congo following Ebola deaths

Henrietta Brewer
August 13, 2019

She was part of a delegation that went to Gisenyi-a Rwandan city bordering Goma-on Monday where they cautioned the people to limit their cross-border activities.

The two ministers discussed common mechanisms for the prevention and management of Ebola virus, including surveillance, according to the communique.

Congolese citizens are not being prevented from crossing into Rwanda.

The World Health Organisation declared the outbreak an global health emergency in July.

Goma is now facing an Ebola outbreak that has killed three people since July.

Any border closure is likely to push travelers to avoid official border posts, where people are checked for signs of fever and other Ebola symptoms. "They say the border is open, but just look".

The Ebola outbreak, which was previously confined to one area in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has now spread to the city of Goma, an area of two million people that lies on the DRC's border with Rwanda, putting neighbouring countries and the southern African region at risk of the disease.

No new confirmed cases had been reported in Goma since the WHO's previous report on August 2.

The wife and 1-year-old daughter of the city's first Ebola victim, a gold miner, later tested positive for the disease, the first transmission of the virus inside the densely populated crossroads city.

More than 1,800 people have so far died of the virus.

Three doctors have been arrested in the Democratic Republic of Congo over the killing of a World Health Organization (WHO) doctor, a military prosecutor has said.

Mulala said the health personnel on the DRC side were also screening travelers and various transporters of goods into and outside that country.

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