Odd Clinton Painting Found at the Home of Dead Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Cheryl Sanders
August 18, 2019

It also did not name some 10 women also accused of being accomplices of Epstein, a convicted pedophile who died last weekend from apparent suicide in a NY prison cell, where he was being held on charges of trafficking minors for sex. Attorney General William Barr said the US government will continue its investigation into any possible co-conspirators.

Investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff, who originally broke the Epstein story a decade ago, told Fox News last month that Clinton was lying about connections to Epstein. The FBI and the Justice Department's inspector general are both investigating Epstein's death.

Nobody exactly knows how much close the Clintons were with Jeffrey but there are some rumors.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Epstein's death is being hampered because some people, including jail staff members who are believed to have information pertinent to the probe, aren't cooperating and have not yet been interviewed by the FBI, according to a Justice Department official. According to ArtNet Galleries, the painting was a part of a project for Ryan-Kleid while she was a graduate student at the New York Academy of Art. Sampson responded that "no single finding can be evaluated in a vacuum" and experts said the bone in question often breaks in suicidal hangings. She is a native of Australia and studied at the New York Academy of Art New York.

An office telephone number for Dr. Michael Baden, the pathologist hired by Epstein's representatives to observe the autopsy, repeatedly rang unanswered on Friday.

He owned a private island in the Caribbean, homes in Paris and New York City, a New Mexico ranch and a fleet of high-price cars.

However, a Fox News report contradicted Clinton's claims as the network found that Clinton had interacted with Epstein at least a decade before he claimed to.

When Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House in 2001, their financial standing looked grim.

They said they were aspiring models working in June 2004 as hostesses at a restaurant just off Manhattan's Union Square when an unnamed female "recruiter" offered them hundreds of dollars each to massage Epstein at his Upper East Side mansion.

One was 18 at the time.

Prosecutors said he recruited and paid girls to give him massages, which became sexual in nature.

The complaint said the women were so "terrified" by Epstein and his power at the time that they did not report the abuse.

In Thursday's lawsuit, the plaintiffs are identified as Jane Doe 1, who lives in Okinawa, Japan, and Jane Doe 2, who lives in Baltimore. They seek $100 million in damages, citing depression, anxiety, anger and flashbacks. The alleged victims were 14 years old.

Michael Balsamo reported from Washington.

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