Nest Google Accounts are now available but users should hold off

Yolanda Curtis
August 22, 2019

The smart home company Nest is now in the middle of a rocky transition from standalone Alphabet company to a full-on merger with Google's hardware team, where it will exist as a Google sub-brand.

As such, you now have a choice - stick with Nest integration which will have no real improvement to it, or migrate your account to Google, and be more likely to get any improvements that come under the auspiciousness of their new home.

The company also warns users not to disconnect Nest from IFTTT after August 31.

Before transferring Nest data to a Google account, users will have to remove all existing Works with Nest connections - which will render any IFTTT recipes that involve Nest devices inoperable.

Shutting down "Works with Nest" could break all manner of functionality for some people.

IFTTT has been around for a long time and has cemented itself as the de facto way to link smart gadgets together, even when the manufacturers of said smart gadgets don't always play nice with each other. The transition from 'Works With Nest' to just using a Google account for integration was created to make things more simple, and it's likely that it will be, when all is said and done. If you want to enable this integration with a Nest Thermostat or Nest Cam, you can do so here.

This morning, Google updated a bunch of their Google Nest Help pages with FAQ and instructions over migrating your Nest account to a Google account. The so-called 'hacking' incident really doesn't fit in with the proper description of "hacking" and has nothing to do with any actual security Nest did or did not have in place.

Automatic security protections such as Suspicious activity detection, 2-Step Verification and Security Checkup. "Google Assistant works with over 3,500 home automation brands and more than 30,000 devices, providing key benefits", Google says.

Will this be a positive move for Nest users, who already enjoy a robust ecosystem of products and connected services?

Will my Nest devices still work with Alexa if I switch to a Google Account?

Smart home setups can get pretty complicated behind the scenes as you cross wires with different apps, ecosystems, and control surfaces, and remembering how it all works can be hard.

Google has now given the green light for those who do want to migrate over to Google Accounts but does have one word of warning. It recommends waiting for the email invitation to make the process as painless as possible.

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