Look Up, The Best Meteor Shower Of The Year Is Here

Pablo Tucker
August 12, 2019

Because of the size of the dust stream, Perseids can be seen from 17 July to 24 August.

Tonight (between August 12-13) will be the best time to see it this year. During the peak, the Perseids are known to produce up to 100 meteors every hour, on top of spectacular fireballs.

Cloudy skies and a bright moon will combine to make it hard, if not impossible, to see the Perseid meteor shower tonight.

According to the museum, the best time to observe the Perseids, one of the three biggest annual meteor showers, is from 2 a.m. until just before dawn on Wednesday (Aug. 14).

Living in the southern hemisphere means that most of us won't be able to see the Perseid shower with our own eyes, but that doesn't mean we'll be left out in the cold!

Look up to see one of the cosmos' most lovely meteor displays.

Tonight, the Moon will be in its Waxing Gibbous phase and around 85 percent to 90 percent illuminated. They create the largest number of meteors every year but not all of these meteors are visible. The Perseids are visible all over the sky.

This year, however, United States space agency NASA said between 15 and 20 meteors will be visible.

It can be seen if you are looking towards the horizon in the north-east, and be it is as dark where you are as possible, so avoid city lights (if you can).

"The Perseids are most active after midnight through daybreak", Samuhel added. It last swept through the inner solar system in 1992 and will return in the year 2126. Meteor showers are associated with the debris from a space body, generally a comet.

Monday night and early Tuesday morning, however, is when it will be at its best.

Here in the United Kingdom for instance, when viewed from London, the Moon will dip below the horizon around 3.13am BST.

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