Huawei launches smart TV with Harmony OS

Yolanda Curtis
August 11, 2019

The new TV will become an "information and control center" in the living room, Huawei said, allowing users to make high-definition video calls, sync and project files and pictures between smartphone and TV, while search and control the device by smartphone. After the launch in China, the OS can become available on global markets, Huawei announced.

The Honor Vision smart TV is the first device to run on Huawei's first-party HarmonyOS.

More recently, Ren Zhengfei, Huawei's founder and chief executive, has said that the company's operating system was originally designed for telecommunications networks, not as an Android replacement.

Launching an OS on TVs is much more sensible, the current TV smartOS ecosystem is much more varied and people don't need the variety of apps they do on their mobile.

A modularized #HarmonyOS can be nested to adapt flexibly to any device to create a seamless cross-device experience. Huawei has yet to explicitly say what constitutes a "smart screen" device, but Reuters previously reported that the OS would appear on a range of Honor smart TVs. In this way, Huawei hopes apps can work across numerous devices.

In a statement, the CEO of Huawei's consumer business group, Richard Yu, says that HarmonyOS is "completely different from Android and iOS" because of its ability to scale across different kinds of devices.

Actually, HarmonyOS is an open-source operating system.

However, there will be initial problems with its adoption.

"The hardest part will be linkages to peripherals like cameras, fingerprint readers, microphones, AR sensors, which are all API-based to Android APIs, not Harmony", Moorhead tweeted.

"The exception is in Huawei's home market of China, where the company has enough clout to attract developers". But this is a global company with global ambitions.

To help with app migration, HarmonyOS will be built on the Linux and Huawei's own LiteOS kernels for now, Yu said, which will change in future generations of the OS. For all smart devices such as smartphones, tablets and phones will having HarmonyOS soon. Equipped with three Huawei self-developed intelligent chipsets-the Honghu 818 Intelligent Display Chipset, an AI Camera NPU chipset and a flagship-level Wi-Fi chipset, HONOR Vision is also the world's first smart screen device to carry Huawei's self-developed HarmonyOS. Over the next three years, the operating system will be used in other devices, including wearables and auto head units.

The interesting times are just round the corner.

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