Huawei Is Working On Mapping Tech, Report Says

Yolanda Curtis
August 29, 2019

Map Kit was said to be "connected to local mapping services" and has data for 150 countries - it will also be available in 40 languages. According to this report, Huawei is also making a Google Maps-like service for itself.

The two services might end up competing against each other but in a different way.

To emphasise the importance of such software, Zhang Pingan, the president of cloud services at Huawei's Consumer Business Group recently declared over 50 percent of smartphone apps are location-based and therefore require mapping capabilities. Questions remain about the mapping tech since the executive did not give much details on it.

Huawei Is Working On Mapping Tech, Report Says

Originally only on desktops, Google Maps has since launched on Android and iOS smartphones in addition to tablets.

A new report from state-run outlet China Daily has claimed Huawei is hard at work on its own mapping software it plans to debut in October.

It will be interesting to see if Huawei can make any sort of a dent in this market which his nearly dominated by Google Maps with only a handful of other companies finding any form of traction in the mapping and navigation space.

Back in July 2018, survey data from The Manifest revealed that Google Maps is nearly six times more popular than other navigation apps. However Booking relies on Google Maps for its online travels service so probably it will be only a customer rather than providing data. Apple Maps was in third place with 23.3 million monthly users.

On the other hand, Huawei is already adapting for the worst case scenario as it already has the Harmony OS ready.

Huawei is trying to come up with technological updates to beat Google's Android and surpass it. The world's No. 2 smartphone maker is at the mercy of Google to provide an operating system for the thousands of smartphones it sells every year.

Last week, the Chinese tech giant unveiled HarmonyOS - referred to as HongmengOS in China - which is aimed at reducing the company's reliance on Google-developed Android OS. Furthermore, the company also announced that its handsets like P30 Pro will also get an Android Q operating system.

On Aug 16, as per Forbes report, the CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei warned the USA government that if Huawei is not allowed to have full access to Google's Android, "then the world may have a third operating system".

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