Her name is Michaela Dunn & she died in the Sydney CBD stabbing

Henrietta Brewer
August 17, 2019

He then walked down York Street, armed with a large kitchen knife, before the bystanders' efforts to restrain him with chairs and a milk crate.

Ney was taken to hospital for treatment but released and transferred to Surrey Hills Police Station for questioning just after midday today.

The victim, a marketing and public relations graduate, was found with fatal stab wounds to the neck and throat a short distance from where knife accused Mert Ney allegedly terrorised CBD pedestrians in chilling scenes that were filmed by onlookers, and viewed around the world.

NSW Police said it was expected he would be charged later today.

Lawyer John Bamford said on Thursday he was getting lunch when he saw a man emerge from the side of a building with a "knife raised".

Mert Ney is accused of killing 24-year-old Michaela Dunn in a Clarence Street apartment before allegedly stabbing 41-year-old Linda Bo at the Hotel CBD.

"I can't believe you're not here", the best friend said.

Dunn's body was found in an apartment in the CBD an hour after Ney was arrested. I forget what I said but I remember what he said, he said he had a bomb in his bag.

"All the words that I can say isn't ever gonna bring her back, is it?"

Bamford said he thought the hype around his actions had been "overegged" and that being described as a "viral sensation" sounds "like the flu". "He just said he had a USB and was researching, studying what was on it".

NSW health authorities are reviewing care and treatment decisions in the lead-up to the alleged attacks.

"He's going through a very hard situation at this time", he told reporters.

He is among the last of the heroes to be identified after NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said he didn't want to miss any person who "acted courageously" during Ney's apprehension.

After the family argument, CCTV footage shows that Ney arrived at the Blacktown Hospital's emergency department at 12.15am on August 7 after suffering a prescription drug overdose.

Investigators have been trying to piece together why Ney - who had a history of mental illness - launched the attack.

"Jo's not in a good place, she's not eating and is crying a lot, she lives for her children", a family friend, who asked not to be named, said.

A USB stick was found on Ney following his arrest with details about other mass killings in the United States and New Zealand.

Although the incident is not being treated as terror-related, the suspect was described by police as a "lone actor" who may have some terrorist ideologies.

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