Gamescom Death Standing videos: Peeing, Keighley & a creepy baby

Yolanda Curtis
August 25, 2019

If this explanation isn't sufficient enough for you or if you just want to see it all in action, you can get the full scope of the madness by watching the video below.

You can control where Sam pees using the left and right trigger. It was a pretty unusual showcase of new details, so let's dive into the weird, shall we?

Finally, in the movie dedicated to the Death Stranding gameplay, we can see other interesting details.

The first trailer looks at Norman Reedus" character, Sam, who is accompanied by one of the infamous "bottle babies.' This one is different though, as it's the daughter of a new female character known as Mama. There say that all children from the flasks got out the expectant mothers and they are bound with the other world. Here we learn the Bridge Babies were removed from the wombs of "stillmothers", and that they will need to be attached to a device that simulates the womb and calms them down. Kojima shared three new character trailers for the game, found below, one of which includes new peeks at gameplay footage.

Confused yet? Let's keep going. Kojima was nice enough to give us a glimpse of gameplay before another reveal at Tokyo Game Show.

For some reason, Kojima made a point of explaining that you won't be able to see Norman Reedus' dong-if you try to sneak a peek, he'll turn away like the bashful boy he is. After the urine meter is fully drained, a sparkly mushroom pops up out of the ground.

Kojima also promises that if enough players all pee in the same in-world spot, "something good will happen".

After walking through the environment, Sam came upon a container that featured Ludens, Kojima's company logo, on the side. There is even a cameo starring Geoff Keighley.

During his time onstage, he showed off clips of Mama, Bridge Baby, and Deadman, in addition to sharing some new details on the story, which has been much of a closely-guarded secret, at least as far as its finer details.

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