G Suite users now get auto-correct, typing suggestions in Gmail

Yolanda Curtis
August 22, 2019

As for auto-correction, it simply shows an underline under the corrected change for a few seconds before disappearing, which is a subtle way of letting you know that a correction was made. If you don't want that feature as it might distract or annoy you, you can disable the feature even if your company is using it by default. Moreover, Google mentions that it has added as-you-type autocorrection for improved accuracy, but only for some common spelling mistakes.

Google has announced new exciting features for Gmail that will soon be rolled out for everyone.

So what's changing? Gmail is basically getting new AI-powered spellcheck and grammar corrections.

If you're prone to typing things like "definately" or "neccessary", your life is about to get easier. This time Google has made your spelling problems easy by launching Spell and Grammar Check feature to the app. Gmail already has the ability to predict the next text that users are going to ask; however, the typo grammar mistakes were still there.

Google will roll out the spelling and grammar assistant over two weeks starting August 20 for G Suite users on rapid-release domains.

This is so that Gmail is able to assist you on the fly with putting out emails that are issue-free.

To that end identifying errors will be denoted by a squiggly blue line beneath any errors Gmail catches.

Google's autocorrect feature has been available for regular Gmail users for a while now, but this feature is now beginning to roll out for G Suite users too.

Most spelling errors will be automatically corrected, if suspected errors are there a red line will appear.

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