Famous Optical Illusion Comes To Life In New ‘Rabbit Or Raven’ Video

Cheryl Sanders
August 23, 2019

Like in the great dress debate, a simple social media post is responsible for kickstarting the latest internet-wide disagreement: Bird or Bunny?

Forget the dress colour debate.

You may be familiar with the famous bird or rabbit optical illusion.

Daniel Quintana, a scientist in Norway, tweeted a video over the weekend with a caption that read, "Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose". That's the thing with illusions and the Internet - they just can't seem to get enough.

"Here's my rabbit", one Twitter user joked, posting a video of a large snail, while another user said the video showed "Clearly a bird".

The video was shared by Twitter user Dan Quintana on August 18.

According to CNet, Mr Quintana himself wasn't fooled by the illusion.

The video Quintana posted was taken, at some point, from Paige Davis, Curator of Bird Training at the sanctuary.

"As you can see the translucent nictitating membrane sweep across the eye horizontally (rabbits don't have membranes like this) and the positioning of the "ears" are a little odd", he said.

"I made the rabbit comment to prime readers into thinking it was actually a rabbit, to give it a fighting chance at least", he said.

People immediately started freaking out because, at a first glance you may think 'Oh, what a cute rabbit.' After getting a closer look, however, you may see the creature as a crow.

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