Facebook for Android starts showing hints for a dark mode

Yolanda Curtis
August 14, 2019

There's a good reason for this - they can look extremely clean, unobtrusive, and minimalistic, all the while giving ample room for vibrant colors to shine when and where they're needed. The new redesign, dubbed FB5, introduces a brand-new look for Facebook on the web, as well as a dark mode, set to come soon.

As you can see in the screenshot, Facebook's dark mode isn't ready quite yet, with only parts of the app showing white text on a dark background.

Facebook Messenger added its dark mode earlier this year, and we're getting the first signs that the social network's main app will follow suit. "This Dark Mode appears to be in an early stage of development, understandably". But the risks could be mitigated by a dark mode, which Wong discovered in the mobile app's code.

According to a new report from Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is working on a new dark mode. Google, Microsoft, Twitter are among the big names which have been investing their time incorporating dark modes into their apps on Android. For now, all of you dark mode enthusiasts will have to sit tight, but at least we know that a darker Facebook is being worked on.

As is the case with many new Facebook features, Dark Mode is likely going to go through internal testing before it sees a soft roll out to only a fraction of Facebook's user base.

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