El Paso Shooting Suspect Confessed and Said He Was Targeting Mexicans

Cheryl Sanders
August 11, 2019

Crusius is being held on capital murder charges, the El Paso County District Attorney's Office said.

The newspaper said it obtained an arrest warrant affidavit in which police also said the suspect, Patrick Crusius, 21, confessed to carrying out the shooting rampage.

The massacre in the predominantly Hispanic city of El Paso is being investigated as a hate crime and act of domestic terrorism, authorities said. A racist, anti-immigrant screed believed to be written by Crusius and uploaded to the web forum 8chan expressed concerns about the growing Hispanic population of Texas.

The attack came hours before another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, in which nine people were killed.

"The defendant stated once inside the store he opened fire using his AK-47 shooting multiple innocent victims", Garcia wrote. Crusius said his targets were "Mexicans", the detective said, according to the Post.

Greg Allen, the El Paso police chief, said the suspected attacker seemed to be "in a state of shock and confusion" and has not shown any remorse to the investigators.

The vehicle he emerged from on Saturday was about a half mile from the Walmart, stopped on a street that essentially divides shopping areas from residential areas. He was trying to kill Mexicans, the filing says he told officers.

Crusius also told police that he drove from where he lived, in Allen, a northern suburb of Dallas, to El Paso, which is more than 10 hours away. His lawyer, appointed by the court, did not immediately comment about the filing; a judge on Friday agreed to appoint a second attorney for Crusius.

Crusius's relatives have decried "the destruction Patrick did" and condemned the ideas described in the online statement.

Twenty-two people were killed and about two dozen others were wounded in the attack.

"I love you, El Paso", she said, her voice cracking.

Federal authorities have said they're treating the shooting as a case of domestic terrorism.

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