Daesh fighter, 'Jihadi Jack', hopes Canada will take him

Cheryl Sanders
August 21, 2019

British Canadian Jack Letts shown at age 20.

Canada on Sunday slammed its traditional ally U.K over its unilateral decision to strip a Daesh terrorist off his U.K citizenship, leaving Canada alone in shouldering responsibility for the unwanted terrorist who is also a citizen of the North American nation. That leaves him Canada's problem.

"I've always felt I'm a mix".

Letts's recent comments are a reversal from what he told ITV News in February, when he said he was not seeking to return to Canada. "My whole family's Canadian".

Letts hasn't been convicted of anything, but he could theoretically have lost his citizenship under a different section of the law allowing the minister to seek revocation if he "has reasonable grounds to believe that a person ... served as a member of an armed force of a country or as a member of an organized armed group and that country or group was engaged in an armed conflict with Canada". Lane are Canadian citizens, the government can not prevent them from coming to Canada.

Goodale's office said it is aware of multiple Canadian citizens detained in Syria, referring to Public Safety Canada's latest report on terrorism threats to Canada.

"This power is one way we can counter the terrorist threat posed by some of the most unsafe individuals and keep our country safe".

Ms Lane, 57, said: "It was a real shock that your Government can do this to you without any form of redress or discussion or way of actually contacting Jack, given that he's being held incommunicado and has no access to a lawyer".

Letts, now 24, is a Muslim convert who traveled to Syria in 2014 when he was 18 to join ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria. He was captured by the Kurdish YPG militia after escaping the extremist group's de facto capital, Raqqa, before it fell.

Earlier this year, Letts told ITV that when the 2015 Paris attacks that killed 130 people took place, he thought they were a "good thing".

Letts said: "Of course I feel guilty. That is the message we have for Canadians and for anyone involved", Trudeau said, speaking to reporters in Quebec City on Monday.

Letts did not know the United Kingdom stripped him of his citizenship until the news network told him during the interview.

"I would be very happy if Jack went to Canada", Letts told CBC News. "I've been here for two and a half years".

"But, in the same way Britain hasn't helped me..."

The Syrian government said it is willing to work with Canada on his release.

Asked in an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp whether the government had chose to repatriate Letts, Goodale said: "We have no obligation to facilitate his travel from his present circumstances, and we have no intention of facilitating that travel". "A Conservative government under my leadership will not lift a finger to bring him back to Canada".

"'Jihadi Jack' is in prison now and that is where he should stay", Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said in a statement to Reuters.

I like that statement, except for the bit that says "bring him back".

Frankly, the Liberals are probably in favour of letting Canadian ISIS fighters return because they are afraid of being called bigots and Islamophobes if they don't.

"I never killed anyone, I never took someone a slave. I've never even hurt anyone in ISIS", Letts said. With a stupid decision I made I ruined my family.

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