Chrome for Android will soon have Google Lens for image search

Yolanda Curtis
August 24, 2019

News of the feature comes through a tweet by Google, which was spotted by 9to5Google. Just search for "beach" and only those photos are going to be displayed. Though it did display results for numerous words I tried to make it find, any matches it pulled for certain keywords could easily have been due to the title of the album I kept it in, or it recognizing some other aspect of the image.

Moreover, Google photos is also planning to bring an incredible feature that is a manual face tagging feature, that will let you tag faces manually it doesn't recognize. Yes, Google Photos will scan your images and see the text in the pictures, and when you search for that text, it will show you all pictures with the said text. Take that, impossible wifi passwords'.

Second, "starting this month" with only a week left means it'll still be rolling out to users next month.

The new feature allows you to locate texts in your photos and screenshots by searching for them in the Google Photos library.

In an official tweet, Google Photos confirmed that optical character recognition (OCR) is now supported for photos which are uploaded.

Google Photos is, inarguably, one of the best Google applications for Android in recent memory.

This allows one to search for things like receipts, passwords, or any other interest that displays a searchable text. Realizing that you can either select a photo to search for text, as well as search for the text without even choosing a photo is fantastic.

The search-by-text feature also works on your desktop browser, but you cant use Lens for obvious reasons. While sometimes it can be hard to find a specific photo, it's impressive how the results are shown based on the search for colors, animals and face expression. The feature will make the images more presentable and readable.

The researchers write: 'All four classifiers perform consistently well and produce evidence for the validity of automated face-induced inference on criminality, despite the historical controversy surrounding the topic. Therefore, we expect to see the feature turning more powerful in the coming months.

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