China Warns U.S. After Diplomat Meets With Prominent Protesters

Cheryl Sanders
August 9, 2019

"Pelosi and some other American politicians have time and again whitewashed and endorsed the radical rioters on the pretext of upholding "democracy" and 'freedoms, ' fueled radical violence in Hong Kong, and arbitrarily smeared the just efforts by the SAR Government [Hong Kong] and the police to punish violence and defend the rule of law", the statement by the Foreign Ministry's Hong Kong office continued.

Demonstrators crowded the arrivals hall at Hong Kong airport on Friday, handing out anti-government leaflets and waving banners in a dozen languages in an effort to raise awareness among visitors ahead of a weekend of protests planned across the city.

Several thousand Hong Kong lawyers dressed in black, marched in silence on Wednesday to call on the government to safeguard the independence of the city's department of justice.

"I have visited Washington in the past to talk with U.S. Congress members face to face".

Pro-democracy activists have kicked off three days of rallies at Hong Kong's airport, hoping to win worldwide support from arriving passengers as the protests that have rocked the city enter a third month.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Monitor, and Civil Rights Observer have called for Hong Kong police to refrain from "indiscriminate" and unnecessary use of force that poses public health risks-too much exposure to tear gas, for example, can cause cancer, they said at a joint August 6 press conference in Hong Kong.

In China's sharpest rebuke yet of the protesters, the government warned them on Tuesday not to "play with fire" and called on Hong Kong citizens to protect their homeland. Even more, Nathan Law met with the U.S. Secretary of State this May.

A series of demonstrations have been held in Hong Kong since June 9 as a response to a pending extradition legislation that would allow those accused in the autonomous city to be tried in mainland China's judicial system.

The Chinese regime and the Hong Kong administration have repeatedly asserted their support of how police have handled the protests.

Protesters are demanding a complete withdrawal of the extradition bill, an independent inquiry into the crisis, an investigation into what they say is excessive use of force by police, and for Hong Kong leader Lam to step down.

"Wong told The Epoch Times in a recent interview: "[The police] have turned the protest zone into a battlefield.

But on Thursday, the government conceded that tourist arrivals dropped 26 percent at the end of last month compared to previous year and were continuing to fall in August.

In the last two weeks, as the question "is Hong Kong still safe to visit" became popular on travel websites, more than 20 countries raised their travel advisories for Hong Kong, with the USA, United Kingdom and Australia joining earlier this week.

Fong said recent US legislation, under which USA authorities could potentially revoke Hong Kong's special trading status, is a powerful measure to indirectly sanction the Beijing regime for its encroachment.

The pending Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act is "a clear sign that the moving toward this goal", he said.

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