Australian police investigate report of armed man in downtown Sydney

Cheryl Sanders
August 13, 2019

The body of the 21-year-old woman was found in an apartment complex on Clarence Street, a short distance from where a man, identified as 21-year-old Mert Ney, was wielding a large butcher's knife and later restrained by bystanders.

It's not yet clear what set off the attack, which Wood called "unprovoked", noting that the suspect "stabbed an innocent woman for no specific reason".

New South Wales police commissioner said he had no known links to terror organisations, but he did have a thumb drive with details of mass-casualty white-supremacist attacks in the United States and New Zealand.

The radical-Islamist chant might have been a tactic created to get police to open fire, a tactic thwarted by the four sharp-thinking men in Sydney.

"They were fearless, and and i can only use that word seriously, they were significantly courageous people".

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said that "Three members of the public who can only be described as highest order heroes, have engaged this 21-year-old man and have placed him essentially under arrest, even though he was branching a large butchers knife and was clearly unsafe".

The man has been taken to Day Street Police Station.

Police said that a man was arrested, and that a woman with a stab wound was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

They described the moment they apprehended the suspect as being likely down to "instinct", with dramatic eyewitness footage appearing to show a young man being pinned to the floor with chairs and a milk crate.

Andrew Denney, a reporter for 7 News Sydney, shared the incredible video on Twitter, writing, "Just witnessed incredible bravery from members of the public and ⁦@FRNSW officers chasing down a man on a stabbing rampage in Sydney's CBD".

According to the BBC, Lee Cuthbert, Paul O'Shaughnessy and Luke O'Shaughnessy ran out from their office when they heard the commotion and ran out to catch the man; and Luke O'Shaughnessy said he forced a "chair over the man's legs, a chair over his torso and then a milk crate on his face" to hold him down.

"Those are significantly fearless people", New South Wales Police Superintendent Gavin Wood said at a press conference Tuesday.

"We all just ran down the building and chased him down the street", said Roberts.

A random dude just started stabbing people in the city right outside where we were having lunch.

Luke and Paul said a "massive scream" alerted them to the street attack.

"I looked over and he jumped onto a vehicle, and he had a knife and (was) covered in blood".

Police are yet to confirm any other injuries but are due to update the media shortly.

A man has been dramatically arrested in Sydney's CBD after going on a stabbing spree in Sydney's CBD.

The three friends, who all work at a recruitment agency in the city, helped tackle the man alongside an Australian colleague.

"I saw a man wielding a knife covered in blood jumping on top of a vehicle".

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