And Now, Apple Tells You How to Clean a Credit Card

Yolanda Curtis
August 22, 2019

We never thought we'd see the day when we would worry about how a credit card should be cleaned, but here we are.

The Apple Card is here, and it's shaking up digital banking. In other words, if any metal scratches against the credit card, it could do some serious damage to the finish.

The much ballyhooed Apple Card had its official USA -wide launch yesterday, with eager early adopters rushing to praise the card's titanium body and laser-etched logo.

Keeping the card in a leather wallet or in the pocket of a pair of jeans could cause "permanent discolouration". They say people should place the credit card in a slot in their wallet or billfold without touching another credit card.

The Apple Card is a relatively plain matt white credit card made of titanium, which was created to stand out against other credit cards. If your card is placed close to a magnetic latch on a purse or bag, the magnetic strip can become demagnetized. It strongly asks you not to use any window or household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the Apple Card.

"When not in use, Apple Card should be returned to a uniformly lit white cube", joked Alex Stamos, Facebook's former chief security officer.

Don't you even think about putting your Apple Card in pockets or bags that contain "loose change, keys, or other potentially abrasive objects".

And remember, don't wipe the thing on your jeans or leather jacket.

"The release this month of Goldman's new co-branded credit card with Apple should reflect the industry moving to a new level in the 21st-century digital-banking battle", Wells Fargo analyst Mike Mayo wrote in a note to clients out earlier this month.

Should it get marked or stained, you'll have to wipe it down with with a isopropyl alcohol-dampened microfibre cloth. Instead, we're now likely to get an influx of "Apple Card Compatible" wallets coming to market.

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