3 rockets fired from Gaza toward Israel

Cheryl Sanders
August 19, 2019

On Saturday night, an IDF spokesperson issued a statement regarding a rocket alert sounded in Israel's south, announcing that "three rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel".

During the attack on Saturday night, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza launched at least three rockets at Israel, with the Iron Dome shooting down two of them.

The rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome before it could reach its target: "Israeli civilians".

Hamas in a statement called their deaths "another crime by the Israeli occupation to be added to its grim toll against the Palestinian people's rights, land and holy sites".

Maan news agency said on Sunday at least one other Palestinian suffered "critical" injuries following the overnight attack.

Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations have recently played key roles in brokering informal ceasefires between Israel and Gaza, which have largely entailed Hamas and other terror groups halting violence in the border area in exchange for the Jewish state scaling back some of the restrictions it has imposed on the coastal enclave.

A series of incidents along the Gaza border have tested a fragile truce between Hamas and Israel in recent days.

On Friday Palestinians in Gaza fired a rocket at Sderot, in what the army said was the first such attack since July 12.

Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza, ruled by Islamist movement Hamas, have fought three wars since 2008.

On August 1, a Palestinian gunman fire shots at IDF forces, injuring three soldiers before he was eliminated.

On Twitter, Gantz - the former Chief of Staff of the Israeli army - wrote: "People who are weak in front of Hamas in Gaza might bring a wave of horror to the West Bank", referring to the latest incidents in the occupied West Bank.

Benny Gantz, the leader of the main Israeli opposition party Blue and White (Kahol Lavan), yesterday slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "weak" in the face of Gaza resistance, Al-Resalah reported.

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