Violent brawl breaks out at Disneyland's 'Toontown' in front of horrified families

Carla Harmon
July 10, 2019

"Now that we have the video, detectives will be following up to see if any criminal charges can be filed", said Sergeant Daron Wyatt of Anaheim Police. The profanity-laced video includes footage of punches and slaps to the face from various family members, including women being hit by men, a near brawl between two men, and children watching all of it unfold.

Footage of the fight, which went viral on YouTube with almost 1 million views, shows a group of parkgoers from the same family throwing punches at one another near Goofy's house in Mickey's Toontown, an area of the theme park catering toward younger visitors.

The woman who spat at the man in red and the woman in the striped tank top then punch each other, while kicking and pulling each other's hair.

On Monday, the department confirmed everyone involved in the fight belongs to the same family, adding that they were uncooperative with responding officers. She appears to spit in his face, prompting him to lash out.

As the two start punching each other children are heard crying in the background and another woman enters the scene yelling 'Stop it! "Stop it!" as the fight continues. The man in the white shirt strikes one of the women (dressed in a striped tank top) in the face.

The man in the red shirt then begins pulling on the hair of the woman in the white shirt.

A man pulls a woman's hair in a fight at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., on July 6, 2019.

The man in red then goes after a second woman, accusing her of hurting his mother, who was on the scooter.

Anaheim police are investigating the incident after it was flagged to them Sunday and are interviewing family members portrayed in the video.

Several staff members, including security, arrive more than three minutes after the violence broke out, and the family members eventually disperse.

The incident has provoked strong reactions online, where many are questioning why security took so long to step in. The persons involved in the fight were immediately removed from the park, said Liz Jaeger, a spokeswoman for Disneyland Resort.

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