Use new IBM smartwatch also as smartphone and tablet

Yolanda Curtis
July 10, 2019

Does this mean you could either have a couple of different smartphone sizes or turn the watch into a tablet to write some novels straight off your wrist? In the most compact form on the wrist of the user are visible to a normal watch, though the watch case is slightly thicker than usual. Taking a dig at the future technology, IBM has equipped this device with multiple fold device. As per the latest report, IBM has filed a new patent of a convertible smartwatch. However, one shouldn't get their hopes high for a device like this, since it is only a patent, for now. It points to a patent published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office dated June 11, 2019. This insane wearable that found and rendered by Dutch website LetsGoDigital is based on the blueprints in IBM's patent filings. Below the primary display, there are seven auxiliary screens that are hidden from view. There's plenty of mystery surrounding how this smartwatch would function in the real world, and judging by the renders Let's Go Digital created, it would probably be a supremely fragile device when you begin adding those extra displays.

Is the screen size of your smartwatch insufficient? Then you can slide other four-screen parts out of the housing, these are placed next to the first four parts, giving you an extra-wide display. The seams on the displays are said to be minimal. It's not clear if this is some sort of automated mechanized action or if they are moved manually. If you use the device as a smartphone, then you will have the image format is 4×6 inches, which, incidentally, is much wider than a regular phone screen.

As spotted by the folks over at Let's Go Digital, this patent covers a wearable device with a total of eight unfolding displays, all of them measuring 2 x 3 inches. The device will have at least one speaker and will work with an optional mouse and physical keyboard. He believes that in a span of just 5-years, wearables will take over the smartphone market giving rise to devices we have never ever thought possible. IBM even brought a smartwatch prototype back in 2000 that ran on the Linux OS a full four years before Android War OS was officially a thing, and well in advance of there being a robust market demand for smartwatches.

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