The $3.1 million Lotus electric hypercar doesn't have door handles

Andrew Cummings
July 18, 2019

You can find out more information about the new Lotus Hypercar over at Lotus at the link below, the vehicle will cost £1.7 million before taxes and you will need to pay a £250,000 deposit now to secure one. The company also claims its battery and motors combined are the lightest and most energy dense on the market. It's the world's first fully electric British hypercar, promising some extremely impressive numbers.

LOTUS Cars' first all-electric hypercar, the Evija, has a target power output of 1471kW, which - if achieved as planned - will make it the most powerful production auto in the world.

Lotus is claiming a world record in battery charging speed, saying the Williams Advanced Engineering-developed technology can accept a charge of 800kW - more than any other battery or charging system today - to replenish the lithium-ion battery in just nine minutes. This in turn signals the start of a contemporary new design language for the company, which will evolve and reappear on future high-performance cars.

Lotus has mounted the batteries in the middle of the vehicle to best match the driving characteristics of a mid-engined sports auto. This highly efficient system is the lightest, most energy dense, electric power package ever fitted to a road vehicle.

The name Evija means "the first in existence" or "the living one", and is described as "highly appropriate" by the manufacturer.

Inspire within the precise world, utilizing charging technology that in actuality exists (a 350kW charger is now the most mighty), the Evija's label time will mute only be 18 minutes to build as much as a hundred computer. The company has confirmed production of the Evija will begin there during 2020. However, the Lotus Evija is something which the top 1% would buy instead of your average software engineer. The available driving modes are Range, City, Tour, Sport and Track.

Just 130 cars are expected to be built, with prices starting at £1.7m.

In terms of infotainment, the vehicle supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but so do many run-of-the-mill cars so Lotus will also have a companion app to let drivers know their track information and, similar to Tesla, the cloud-connected Evija will be able to receive OTA updates.

Just 130 examples of the Evija will be built, with a refundable £250,000 deposit securing a build slot. In true Lotus fashion, the electric hypercar makes use of lightweight composites and materials.

Lotus unveiled the stunning Evija yesterday, but a number of fans had an important question - where are the replacements for the aging Elise, Exige and Evora?

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