Tetris is getting a 100-player battle royal game called Tetris Royale

Yolanda Curtis
July 2, 2019

Though little has been shown past a logo as of yet, meaning no screenshots or video as of this writing, the main feature of Tetris Royale is going to be very similar to that of Tetris 99 which came exclusively to Nintendo Switch in February 2019.

Remember Tetris? The arcade game where you have to match the shapes of falling objects to fit into the gaps of the objects below? The newest installment in the video game franchise is called Tetris Royale and it works exactly how you'd expect: 100 players participate at the start of the battle but only the last one standing is the victor. A solo Marathon mode will be available too, so that players can train their Tetris skills, along with massive daily competitions of thousands of players.

If you want to know more about Tetris Royale, then click this link for the Google Play Store. This could mean that there will be more games being made as a result. Would a reasonably priced smartphone game ruin Tetris 99's pull?

Formed through a partnership with The Tetris Company and N3twork, Royale is attempting to up 99 in one key area: they've added another player!

N3twork previously developed puzzle-oriented role-playing game Legendary: Game of Heroes and used its experience to become a distribution and monetization company. You can keep an eye out for when the Beta opens by paying attention N3TWORK's Twitter and also the official Tetris Twitter. It's expected to launch for the iPhone, iPad, and Android after a beta test period that starts this year for "select territories", according to a press release.

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