Tesla’s Newest V3 Supercharger Can Charge 1,500 Vehicles A Day

Andrew Cummings
July 22, 2019

Compared to other electric vehicle companies, Tesla is the only electric auto company with an established line of public chargers.

With the much greater ranges, the V3 Supercharger can help accomplish efficiencies for Tesla owners that will get them to their destinations quicker.

The new V3 Supercharger is the successor to the V2 supercharger launched some time ago. If that's not impressive enough, the station uses Tesla's solar panels and Powerpack batteries, meaning it's a self-sufficient energy generator, store, and recharge solution.

The Las Vegas Tesla charging station has a total of 39 chargers. This makes it the first complete system on its own that could charge not only vehicles but also generate its own energy to do so.

The station includes 24 V3 Superchargers, along with 15 Level 2 Tesla Wall Connectors for those parking at the site for a longer time. Once plugged in and operating at the peak, a Model 3 will go up to 18 miles of range with 15 minutes of charging. The fact that the city's Supercharger stations usually see around 6,500 sessions per month should put things into perspective easily. Unfortunately, the Model 3 is only vehicle in Tesla's current lineup that can take advantage of the 250 kW charging.

The supercharging station is located next to the LINQ's High Roller Ferris wheel and will server many of Caesars Palace.

It also adds to the landscape of available charging stations in communities where Tesla owners look for convenient power-ups.

Supercharger prices have indeed increased over the past year but adding a solar and battery system, though expensive at first, it might make a difference in the long term and prove to be a win-win situation for both the company and the customers.

Keep an eye on this mega green auto company as it continues to innovate in the electric automobile space. The two sites were used as test locations but did not offer two crucial products by the company.

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