Stricter distracted driving rules take effect July 1

Yolanda Curtis
July 1, 2019

Starting July 1, law enforcement will begin cracking down on these laws.

IL drivers face new texting and driving laws on July 1, cracking down on those who don't follow the Hands Free rule.

Ignoring the fact that texting and driving kills more young drivers than drinking and driving has finally come to an end in Florida, so let's take this new law seriously and put down our cell phones while driving. Imagine enforcing that if you are the law enforcement officer. The next offense will cost $60 and three points marked against the driver's license.

The Sunshine State, until now a bit of a Wild West compared to other states when it comes to phone use while driving, on Monday will become a place where cops can pull you over exclusively for texting and driving. Starting Oct. 1, drivers must be hands-free while passing through a school zone or construction site.

Other laws ban vaping indoors and create an agricultural hemp program. This means vaping, which also includes the use of e-cigarettes, will not be allowed inside indoor workplaces.

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