Sony Is Working On Its Rollable Smartphone

Yolanda Curtis
July 9, 2019

Some leading smartphone makers such as Samsung, Huawei have already introduced foldable smartphones in the market, and there has been news about Samsung filing a patent for a rolling display. Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi have also teased their version of the foldable smartphone which would launch soon. However, the Mate X has now been pushed back till at least September, while the Galaxy Fold still hasn't got an official relaunch date, although it is said to be ready to roll out. Max J from AllAboutSamsung reported about receiving intel about a rollable smartphone prototype. One might think as per now, there are no foldable smartphones available for end-users to use as companies are facing a hard time making them durable and after Samsungs's issue foldable smartphone require more fixing and testing.

The tweet has revealed some of the key specifications of the phone, which can tell us quite a lot about the phone. The upcoming device is also said to be powered with Qualcomm's Snapdragon SM7350 chipset and will be coming with 3220mAh battery and 10x zoom camera. Nautilus design has been used in this phone.

The leaker didn't explain what the "nautilus design" meant, but he did attach a link to a video showing Samsung's rollable display shown in 2016 "just for illustration purposes". Samsung's Galaxy Fold was to have ushered in the first foldable smartphone in late April and we expected that Huawei would follow with the launch of the Mate X in June. LG previously demonstrated its ability to manufacture rollable OLED panels in its consumer TV lineup at CES 2019.

Max J. adds that the device will come with a Snapdragon 855 CPU and feature an X50 modem, meaning it will support 5G.

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