North Korea releases Russian fishing boat: Moscow

Cheryl Sanders
July 30, 2019

According to the report, South Korean military normally do not detain ordinary North Korean fishing boats and simply drive them away, but this time they believed it to be a military vessel because one of the three men aboard was wearing a military uniform of North Korea.

South Korea's National Security Council expressed concern about last week's North Korean missile launch - calling it "a new type of short-range ballistic missile". The boat arrived in Sokcho on Sunday afternoon, the ministry said in a statement.

North Korea has released a Russian fishing boat held after being accused of violating entry regulations, the Russian embassy in North Korea said on Sunday, in an incident that prompted a Russian warning of a freezing of talks on fisheries cooperation.

In an interim announcement by the JCS, the crew members have said they did not cross the border to defect.

In a Facebook message, the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang said the "coordinated work of the Russian diplomatic agency" led to their release.

Three North Koreans who entered South Korean waters on a fishing boat are set return home after requesting repatriation, South Korean officials said Monday. It said the ship's captain was informed of the crew's planned release 3 ½ hours before their departure from Wonsan.

"I filmed footage with a watch (equipped with a camera) and used electromagnetic wave wiretapping equipment", he was quoted as saying by NK News in an interview in Seoul earlier this month.

The maritime boundary between South and North Koreas has always been a disputed issue for them.

Pompeo said on Thursday fresh talks were still possible with North Korea and he anticipated they would take place in a couple of weeks.

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