Nicki Minaj Cancels Saudi Arabia Concert in Support of LGBTQ Community

Carla Harmon
July 10, 2019

Just one week after her performance at the Jeddah World Fest was announced, Minaj said in a statement that "after careful consideration" she could no longer participate.

Nicki Minaj won't be bringing her talents to Saudi Arabia as previously planned.

Nicki Minaj us getting some heat from Jamaicans.

"The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) considers the Saudi regime to be one of the world's worst human rights violators and has contacted Minaj, urging her to cancel her performance, refuse the regime's money, and instead use her global influence to issue a statement demanding the release of the Saudi women activists who are now in prison".

Her decision also follows human rights groups and fans voicing their opposition to Nicki's scheduled performance in the country.

She was slated to headline the Jeddah World Fest in Jeddah, a city of 4 million that sits on the Red Sea. Big names such as Liam Payne and DJ Aoki will perform there.

In the past few months, stars such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Sean Paul, The Black Eyed Peas, Enrique Iglesias, as well as Mariah Carey performed in the nation.

In the same breath, the "Megatron" rapper is comparing Jamaica to Saudi Arabia's human rights where women are notoriously treated as second class citizens.

The spectacle would have been unthinkable until recently in the ultra-conservative kingdom where religious police used to enforce strict gender segregation and scolded women for not covering their hair.

"Since coming to power in 2017, [Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman] has spearheaded a crackdown on human rights, especially those of the women who live in his Kingdom", he wrote, providing many examples of abuse of power that directly result in abuse inflected on the Saudi people, especially women, members of the LBGTQ community and the press. But there's a hard limit to the reforms - as revealed by the brutal killing of Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents close to the crown prince in October and the reported torture of several women's rights activists in detention.

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