Mozilla Begins Testing their Subscription-Based Ad-Free Internet Experience Service

Yolanda Curtis
July 9, 2019

"With this latest Firefox release we've added new features so you can browse the web the way you want - unfettered and free", Mozilla's Marissa Wood wrote in the announcement.

Firefox Recommended Extensions. Mozilla has curated a list of recommended extensions that have been thoroughly reviewed for security, usability, and usefulness and made them available to users in a list on the "Get Add-ons" page in the Firefox Add-ons Manager (about:addons). To make this a reality, Mozilla is partnering up with Scroll which offers ad-free reading experience on popular news sites such as The Verge, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, etc. Mozilla is now testing their new platform which carries the motto, "support the sites you love, avoid the ads you hate". Scroll itself is still in beta, but the site says it offers ad-free versions of sites that include The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, The Verge, Gizmodo, USA Today and more.

No matter how you find an article, Mozilla's ad-free experience shall be there. For starters, the premium Firefox will give you access to audio versions of articles, and can sync bookmarks across devices. Amazingly, if you have resumed reading on laptop you can start re-reading on the mobile phone from where you left.

This ad-free internet service is specially intended for websites that use a paywall to restrict users from accessing content for free up to a limit. In it, it noted that product explorations would be open to a small group of browser users.

In brief: Browsers have always been free, but many think that paid browsers are the future - especially after Google laid out plans to obstruct ad-blocking in Chromium-based browsers.

As per, its accomplices gain more through the service than they do through publicizing.

The service is not yet live, but the landing page can be viewed now while a February blog post details the partnership between Mozilla and Scroll.

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