Monster Hunter World Expansion Pack To Bring A Lot Of New Content

Yolanda Curtis
July 17, 2019

The Glavenous Iceborne new trailer just depicts two of the variants that will be included in the expansion. The video shows new types of monsters such as the hotheaded Glavenus, Fulgur Anjanath, and Ebony Odogaron as well as a glimpse at the new Gathering Hub. There are the two new elemental subspecies of returning monsters, who are even more unsafe than before, and the brand new Glavenus, who appears to have a flaming sword for a tail.

The newest trailer for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne trailer highlights the fearsome, blade-tailed Glavenus and gives us another tease of Brachydios too. In an accompanying developer diary, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, executive director and art director Kaname Fujioka, and director Daisuke Ichira discussed new features in Iceborne, including dynamic difficulty scaling, the Seliana Gathering Hub and social features, and new Palico gadgets. Players can indulge in the springs while fully geared up or in more comfortable attire, and will also have access to new gestures, "to take the experience to the next level".

Well maybe the best feature for me as a cat lover, but Capcom is also adding this: "Further gameplay options offer additional flexibility for multiplayer hunting parties".

"I think for players who are going straight from the end of the story from World, it's going to feel a little more hard when they're transitioning into the new master rank for Iceborne", said Fujioka. To be clear, they were present in Monster Hunter World, but the only ones who had them were Rathian and Rathalos - both of whom are returning monsters. The difficulty will balance for two player teams, or if you've set off with Palicoes in tow. Adding the Squad system instead will improve the management of your team members.

With a deep content offering that rivals the volume of the original release of Monster Hunter: World, the upcoming Iceborne expansion will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One globally on September 6, 2019, with a PC release to follow in Winter. This new cards will feature information of the team it represents.

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