Mattel unveils David Bowie Barbie doll

Carla Harmon
July 13, 2019

Read the novel and listen to the tracks - you'll see what I mean.

David Bowie's first hit single "Space Oddity" turned 50 years old, and to celebrate the momentous occasion Mattel made a decision to release a special edition Barbie doll in honor of the late glam rocker.

The same report states that this week Mattel also announced a one-off Barbie doll which will honour and thus celebrate Samantha Cristoforetti, the Italian astronaut.

Dressed as Bowie's fantastic sci-fi alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, Barbie® wears the iconic metallic "space suit" with red and blue stripes and flared shoulders, and Bowie's signature cherry-red platform boots.

"In a definitive celebration of two pop culture icons, Barbie honors the pioneer of sound and vision: David Bowie!", Mattel hypes in a statement.

In life, David Bowie was one of the most magnetic icons of modern pop culture, seducing generations of fans with both his music and his counterculture persona.

The Bowie Barbie will come in specially-designed packaging adorned with a collage of early images from Bowie's career.

The rock-glam Barbie joins a growing procession of special edition dolls, as the company seeks to remain relevant six decades after the release of the original model. He was, and remains to be, a unique presence in contemporary culture.

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