Joanna Chimonides: The Love Island villa is haunted

Carla Harmon
July 22, 2019

Michael Griffiths and Joanna Chimonides reunited on Love Island: Aftersun.

The 23-year-old describes her Love Island experience as, 'just incredible'.

"I didn't find love and that's the objective of the show".

The contestants were asked to gather around the fire pit where it was revealed that the three couples with the lowest public votes were all at risk of being dumped.

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Discussing among themselves, nearly all of the Islanders opted to save Anna and Jordan, who had just announced themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend earlier in the evening.

India and Ovie opted to save Harley and Chris, thereby leaving Michael and Francesca with zero votes and thus carving their way out of the villa.

With no votes, Michael and Francesca left.

This was an interesting result as on Thursday's (July 18) episode, Michael told his former flame Amber Gill that he still had feelings for her.

Meanwhile, Amber is now happily coupled up with Greg O'Shea after wowing her with his gentleman ways when he took her on a first date.

Speaking in his exit interview, Michael said that he didn't regret any of his couplings. I wanted to couple up with Joanna as the interest was there.

And people were pretty excited for it seeing as both Joanna and Michael were going to make an appearance as they were both dumped from the villa in the past week.

And speaking about the potential for a reconciliation with Joanna, he said: "I'm going to try and talk to Joanna but I know that she'll have seen what's gone on and I hope she understands I needed to make up to Amber".

'Any conversation I've had with him has been really sweet and he has been so respectful about the situation'.

Ensuring that they parted on good terms he told her: 'It's the right time 100 per cent obviously I know I wasn't the nicest person over the last few weeks, but after seeing you and Greg more I do see you working'. "As much as they bicker, he's never handled a girl like Belle and she loves all the silly things about him". I said she needs to get to know him and give him a chance.

Michael did also mention that he would try and get in touch with Joanna Chimonides again after he left the Island.

"But I have reconciled things with Amber and at the end of the day I'm only human. One time Jourdan was convinced she had seen a ghost".

Francesca did not have much luck finding love in the villa as despite coupling up with Curtis Pritchard, he made a decision to pair up with Maura Higgins.

Laura's time in the villa ended in a romantic connection, but not before experiencing some major summer heartache, when her original relationship was demolished after a new arrival came in and caught the attention of her partner, Wes Nelson.

"I wasn't surprised at all", she said.

Also on tonight's episode, Jordan and Anna went official, with Jordan saying: "I want the boys' opinion".

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