Huawei exec says no plans to replace Android, smartphone sales recovering

Yolanda Curtis
July 1, 2019

President Trump has announced in a news conference that USA companies will be allowed to work with Huawei again. Considering this, Huawei can get back its access for now. As part of the announcement, US President Donald Trump said that he will allow US companies to sell their technology and equipment to Huawei after him and Chinese President Xi Jinping reached a truce. Huawei had earlier said that Google would lose millions of users if it turns away from Google's Android OS.

While the ban hadn't technically taken effect due to a 90-day reprieve, it was already affecting the development of future products.

While it's not clear if Huawei will be able to sell their 5G equipment in the USA, one thing for sure is that the Chinese company will now be able to gain full support from Qualcomm and Intel, who were key factors in getting this deal back to the table.

One thing that isn't changing, however, is Huawei's ability to sell its phones in the United States.

Google's Android and Apple's iOS have a monopoly on smartphone operating systems, accounting for 99.9 per cent of the global market, according to Gartner estimates past year.

Windsor said Huawei's access to Google mobile products could remain blocked despite Trump's remarks.

"National security concerns will remain paramount", National Economic Council chairman Larry Kudlow said on Sunday, adding that Trump's decision to allow expanded sales of US technology supplies to Huawei will leave the most sensitive equipment off limits.

"It is fairly easy to argue that Google Mobile Services is unique and only available from the USA and potentially could be considered a security threat depending on what data is going over those services", he said.

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