House prepares subpoenas of top White House officials in Trump probe

Cheryl Sanders
July 10, 2019

Among the other subpoena targets are Corey Lewandowski, Trump's former campaign manager; Jody Hunt, Sessions' former chief of staff, and former White House aides Rob Porter and Rick Dearborn.

According to a transcript of written answers that Donaldson provided to the House Judiciary Committee about the former special counsel Robert Mueller's obstruction-of-justice investigation into President Donald Trump, White House lawyers stopped Donaldson from answering questions 212 times.

"Even if Chairman Nadler still believes subpoenas are conversation starters, it's hard to imagine this handful of subpoenas will do anything but reinforce the principal conclusions we've been able to read about for months", said Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the Judiciary panel.

She was also blocked from discussing her own notes that were cited in the Mueller report, though she did confirm their authenticity and said they were accurately quoted.

It is unclear if Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., plans to issue the subpoenas immediately if the committee votes to authorize them.

Pecker, a longtime Trump associate whose company runs the National Enquirer, admitted to working with the Trump campaign in 2016 to make hush-money payments to Daniels and McDougal.

The Judiciary panel is investigating whether Trump obstructed justice after Mueller's report detailed several episodes in which Trump tried to influence his investigation.

Later in the day, the president's spokesman for the investigations blasted committee Democrats in a statement that claimed they were still pining for a different outcome to the special counsel investigation.

Trump has slammed the scheduled testimony as more "presidential harassment" and on Monday continued to lambaste the Mueller investigation, calling it "fundamentally illegal" and "A TOTAL SCAM!" in a tweet.

Dylan Howard - Chief Content Officer at American Media, Inc.

Mueller declined to make a "traditional prosecutorial judgment" on whether Trump obstructed justice, citing a 1973 Office of Legal Counsel decision that said a sitting president can not be indicted.

The House Judiciary Committee said Tuesday it was preparing subpoenas of President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and former attorney general Jeff Sessions as it probes Trump's alleged obstruction of the Russian Federation investigation.

"To me the only reason for doing that is to create some kind of public spectacle, and if Bob decides that he doesn't want to be subject to that then the Department of Justice would certainly back him", Barr said, though he added that he would not work to block the testimony.

Once the committee votes to authorize a subpoena, the chair may issue it at their discretion. "The report is my testimony".

Fox News contributor Sol Wisenberg said Tuesday that Democrats "think the American people are stupid" and that many ignored former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian election interference.

Republicans, meanwhile, are likely to grill Mueller about his conclusions, as well as their concerns that senior Federal Bureau of Investigation officials were biased against Trump and to argue that the origins of his probe were illegitimate and politically motivated.

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