Hannah Brown’s Journey Comes to an End in the Dramatic ‘Bachelorette’ Finale

Carla Harmon
July 31, 2019

Things certainly didn't turn out the way she expected, but The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown hasn't soured on the idea of finding love on reality television.

Like most couples in the franchise's storied history, things ended nearly as soon as they got started. When Chris Harrison asks how he's feeling, he tells him he's "so excited". "But ultimately, he told me, and I was like, 'You know what happened the first night, so was it a week, a month, what was it?' He told me it was a week, he ended it a week before, it wasn't a girlfriend, he was just hanging out with her, so I was like, 'Well I can get through that, ' but it was so disappointing that I had to find out the day after I got engaged". He got down one knee and Hannah gleefully accepted; they kissed and twirled around, with the gorgeous scenery of Crete, Greece, in the background. After confessing her love for him (seriously), she asks him on a date.

'It was really hard when I realized that this was a whole different level of betrayal, ' she said. But yes, I'm sure we'd want to figure out a way to document that for Bachelor Nation because there is a lot of love for both of these people. "That's not what I said yes to", she said, as she took off her engagement ring and placed it on a table, ending their brief engagement. "I've been praying for this moment for a long time".

"But then I found out about the People article coming out the night before we were actually together, and I just thought it was really odd for information that I knew, that a People article would come out", she continued. So that should be his get out jail free card, right?

"I have been in love with somebody in my past who lied to me, who cheated on me, and I tried to make it work", she explained.

Season 6 is full of drama and tears - here's everything we know from the extended sneak peek. "I have been mad as hell", Hannah said, before breaking the big news.

Jed appeared (to crickets) and apologized again. "My love for you, I don't think it will ever leave me", he says. Now it's time for Tyler to come out. who Hannah admits that she still has feelings for. Even with the heartbreak that I've had, I've felt a lot of love, and I've been given a lot of love too. "He told me the show was just an obstacle and we'd be stronger on the other side because of it".

"[Tyler C.] has always been supportive and respectful and has continued to do so, so I want him to be a part of my life in some way".

And there you have it, guys. Once Wyatt exited, Harrison called out the runner-up, Tyler Cameron, for a last meeting with Hannah Brown. Thanks for joining me this Bachelorette season.

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