Google's $10 Stadia Pro plan includes one free game per month

Yolanda Curtis
July 19, 2019

The Google Stadia Reddit AMA has been rolling along for the past hour or so, and we've been able to glean some info from it on how fully featured Stadia will be at launch.

We've looked through the thread for any morsels that might be of interest.

We remind you that the Google Stadia achievement system will not be present at the launch. The latter of which, we've previously been told, will include access to a selection of games, and we now know that'll be around one game a month. "Starting with Destiny 2".

"Oh yes, achievements..." wrote director of product Andrey Doronichev, responding to a user who asked if Stadia would have something like Xbox Achievements or PlayStation Trophies.

Will free to play games be available on Stadia Base?

"Oh yes, achievements... as a lifelong gamer and a pathological overachiever, I love achievements! Not ready to share any now, though".

Google Stadia is one of the more eagerly anticipated Google services in quite some time, allowing people to play games on various devices via streaming. Will this count as yet another Google messaging app?

No, Google's Stadia won't be a Netflix-like service for streaming video games. On this, Doronichev made some thought-provoking parallels with how music, movies, photos, and docs have all been transitioned into the cloud over the course of the past decade or so. "Will come a little bit later".

Users of the base plan won't get the discounts or games, as expected.

Stadia is expected to get software updates which will turn on the controllers' Bluetooth support sometime after its launch.

"Now we are not speaking about 2.0 types of games that will need more work and this we will see more in the future action", he added. Another question pressed the Shield TV point, but that also wasn't answered with any definitive confirmation, although it would seem likely. Will subscribers still have access to the games they bought? He also mentioned the Xbox Adaptive controller as part of the long-term goal of "enabling EVERYONE to play ANYWHERE with WHATEVER controller they want". The Google Stadia controller does include a 3.5mm headset jack, so it will work with wired headsets that way.

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