Google Reveals More Pixel 4 Features Including Face Unlock & Motion Sense

Yolanda Curtis
July 30, 2019

Google must be getting exhausted of leaks for its upcoming Pixel 4.

When describing the major two features for the front, the company said the Google Pixel 4 will have- Motion Sense and face unlock. Recent rumors have focused on the possibility of Google including its motion-sensing Soli technology in the Pixel 4, and - just as it did with camera chatter - Google has now confirmed that will indeed be onboard, powering the phone's Motion Sense feature. After revealing the first look at the model, the tech company just dropped a short video and blog post teasing new features including Motion Sense gestures and face unlock.

Alphabet-owned Google said the key technology would center around its motion-sensing radar called "Soli".

We are not yet sure if Google will still include a fingerprint sensor on the device alongside Face unlock or go the Apple route and forgo it entirely.

The Google Pixel 4 is expected to launch in early October, so we're likely to hear more about the flagship in the coming weeks.

If Face Unlock sensors and algorithms recognise you, the Pixel 4 will unlock as you pick it up, says Google. "Your device should be able to recognize you-and only you-without any fuss".

Yes, Google have combined Soli gestures to streamline their face unlock. That's nothing compared with the Pixel 4.

The news appears to put to rest concerns that Google was playing fast and loose with facial recognition data.

You'll be able to use it for simple controls, like switching songs or apps, which makes it sound a lot like the LG G8's Hand ID gesture control.

All face unlock related data will be stored locally on the Pixel 4 inside the Titan M security chip for the best possible privacy and security. The wide-angle lens is being cut for a "face unlock IR camera". Google's official post has revealed two very interesting features that Pixel 4 will have. Google shared a picture of all the sensors included at the top of the device, and it features three different components for the face unlock feature. The company claims it will work in "almost any orientation" and even if you are holding the device upside down.

Google, for example, is already talking up the ability of the Soli technology to work through a material like fabric. It works with new software developed especially for the new Pixel.

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