Google has launched its New Messaging App in Beta Version

Yolanda Curtis
July 10, 2019

Since beta 5 seems to be the final preview build, we are expecting that Google drops the Android Q commits to manufacturers very soon, and all this gesture bonanza finally seems here to stay.

In addition, Android Q Beta 5 introduces a "peek behavior" for apps that use navigation drawers - panels that can be accessed with a swipe or a tap, showing users an app's main menu. Google plans to remedy this by making it a two-step process, including a "peek" onto the navigation drawer and then swipe to open it. Of course, you can get this feature working in smartphones using third-party launchers. Big benefit is that this works with existing apps with "old" DrawerLayout versions. With the thinner and repurposed navigation bar, the trigger for the Google Assistant also changed and after reasonable inquisition, we learned that one of the ways to hail the Assistant is by swiping from one of the lower corners of the display towards the center of the screen. To help you out, Google's added "handles" as a visual indicator and notes that it's "continuing to tune" this implementation.

Unlike most third-party launchers, it doesn't wait until the gesture is complete to begin the pull-down animation, either. Alternatively, the Play Store listing for Google Messages in your Android device ought to show an option to opt into the beta program on the bottom of the listing.

This new swipe gesture navigation for accessing Google Assistant will be for inside of apps, and will let developers make full use of the edge to edge screens on phones while still making Assistant easily accessible to users and keeping the visible navigation for the system to a minimum.

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