Epic Games Store giving away Alan Wake and For Honor next week

Yolanda Curtis
July 27, 2019

Epic Games Store is using the same thought process for the next pair of free games.at least, technically.

For anyone who happened to miss Alan Wake in the past nine years since its release, Epic Games is giving players the flawless chance to experience exactly why the title is so beloved. And this week, Epic has announced two free games in-line with how the console stores tend to go about it, with This War of Mine and Moonlighter free in the store. Some of these games were promised to release on Steam, or funded through crowdfunding being the biggest source of negative reception. Developed by Remedy Entertainment and originally released in 2010, you take the role of the eponymous author who arrives in the town of Bright Falls, only to find supernatural horrors waiting for him. This ongoing multiplayer brawler features several different factions.

So the functionality is there, but Epic isn't taking any chances as that could likely screw up save game data. It also includes a single-player with a story. To grab the new characters, you have to complete the given missions. That's starting to change slowly but surely, and Tim Sweeney today confirmed that newer titles like the now-free indie Moonlighter will support cloud saves.

Users of the Epic Games Store can download This War of Mine and Moonlighter for free, and here are the next free games. What games do want to see in the future?

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