'Diva' duchess: Meghan slammed for 'high maintenance' behaviour at Wimbledon

Carla Harmon
July 10, 2019

Meghan has been accused of falling foul of Wimbledon etiquette on her surprise visit to cheer on Serena Williams last week - because she was wearing jeans in a members' only area.

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The Duchess of Sussex was recently told to "Go back to America", because she asked fans for privacy at a 2019 Wimbledon match.

Meghan was accompanied at Wimbledon by two of her close friends from the U.S. - Genevieve Hillis and Lindsay Roth.

The Good Morning Britain host initially took to Twitter to rant about the Duchess, tweeting: "It's absurd for Ms Markle to demand privacy as she sits in the Royal Box on a publicly-funded jolly with her mates".

The pair, who are believed to have struck up a friendship at the Super Bowl in 2010, have supported each other over the years, with Meghan cheering Serena on in various tennis tournaments and the sportswoman reportedly organising Meghan's baby shower in NY earlier this year. "It's all completely unnecessary and they are trying to score points". I was an ordinary, middle-England spectator, there to watch the tennis.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Adams revealed how the show will address Markle's absence noting that she won't be written out in any way, shape or form.

The outburst came after it was reported by The Daily Telegraph that 64-year-old Sally Jones was ordered to not take any pictures of Meghan, because she was "in a private capacity".

One of her bodyguards said, "Would you not take photographs of the Duchess".

Another Wimbledon guest was photographed being spoken to by one of Meghan's security guards, although it appeared he was taking a selfie and not a photo of Duchess Meghan.

However, when you're a member of the royal family, you can never really attend anything privately. If you want to be private don't go to the Royal Box at Wimbledon. But later they got infuriated as the ceremony was a private affair and just two photos from the event were released.

The couple's seeming quest for privacy is being criticized because of the role British taxpayers pay in financing parts of their lifestyle. "She wanted to have an American designer represented in the royal wedding because she's American", Fernando told Buro Middle East in October 2018.

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